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.We are activating and working on inter-connecting impact projects within the 3 campaigns that we sense are pivotal for the overall sustainment of our planet.

Land & Food
Environment & Water
Education & Empowerment

Let us Influence Your Project too

Let us know if the sum of all our parts can be enhanced by a project that you sense may align with us . Thank you.


Snack Plants


Snack Plant brings plants and snacks together through sustainable and indigenous crops , processing alternative flour for sale to food companies , and this authentic exchange value allows these ingredients to make the innovating recipes for Gluten and Grain and Dairy Free. 
Sustainability and Social Enterprise 
Fields and Factory. Plant and Product.  More information →


Algae Farms


Sustaining our ocean’s algae allows us to keep breathing! This is one of the most ignored crisis topics so its vital we influence this. Algae produces 50%-80% of what we breath dependent on the season. Fish are already dying in our Pacific Ocean from lack of Oxygen. The safety of Algae, which is also the source of the food chain is as critical as the safety of our rainforests. . More information →


Beach cleanup


More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year, and even on the world’s most pristine, five-star beaches you might be surprised what you’ll find if you look a little closer. Shocked by the plastics waste she picked up along the shoreline in her native Costa Rica, Carolina Sevilla started the 5-Minute Beach Clean Up movement, which has gone global

What if every time you went to the beach, you spent just five minutes cleaning up? Just five minutes. What impact could you make? This was the question Carolina Sevilla from San José, Costa Rica, asked herself. And now millions of people all over the world have learnt of her campaign and are sharing their efforts online.. More information →


EPHATA LEARNING harvesting Passion and Purpose For a holistic education and academic excellence.

Five years working to establish our Learning Community in Tulum, with more than 100 students that have come thru and 12 languages spoken, we have created a curriculum that fits the needs of diversity of a dynamic place, academic high standard while providing an safe and happy environment for children. More information →