Know how to make our oceans breathe - How to create plastic alternatives - How to arrest sea rising?

50-80%, dependent on the season, of the oxygen you are breathing comes from our Oceans. Kill our oceans and we die. Today we all pay more for our water than our gasoline: the water companies are in the plastic business, and life in our oceans suffer. Its vital we Influence the alternatives.


The What and the Why about our need to heal algae are clear. The “How” requires many questions and then actions. Influence Foundation can not ignore the dangers and is looking for solutions. Its first step is to being awareness to this critical and life threatening problem by first highlighting the vitality contained in Algae.

What and Why.

This is critical. The Algae is dying throughout our oceans and has been for the last 60 years at least. Its only now that we in our ignorance are seeing undeniable evidence

Right now - as you read this - tens of thousands of fish have washed up on beaches. This is occurring from a Red Tide phenomenon which you see and smell, and also from lack of oxygen in the ocean, possiblyas deadly to you as a diabolical gas.  

Right now - as you read this - What and how are you breathing? Your body needs oxygen so you are breathing. Its thats simple. , a gas which makes up 21 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere is under severe threat because we are ignoring looking after where it comes from.
All that oxygen has to come from somewhere. You might already know that it comes from photosynthetic organisms like plants. But did you know that most of the oxygen you breathe comes from organisms in the ocean?

So How can heal the Algae?