Join Influence Staff

To accomplish our mission and beyond where even we think, we need amazing activators and support teams. Can you consider who you know may want to work with us somewhere in the world.

Health Benefits: You give health benefits to our world which survives and thrives.

Retirement Plan: We can have one to give to our children!

Days Off: Not sure if we have time anymore for days off!

Further Education: YES all the time !


Want a job?

Write your own description and make your own job and send it in to us! If you are THIS keen we will love you for it and pay interest!

Open Position — Grants

It takes a good amount of time to write grants and certain governments and funding structures we collaborate with need us to output documents. Can you help us?

Being a bright light and being able to proactively write in a way that is logical and make sense.

Being able to hear well.