In hardly eighteen years time water will have become a distant memory for over
1 billion people,  there will be social and economic unrest and the wars will be over blue gold” 
Fidel Castro - 2007

Influence Foundation CURRENTLy has 3 WATER campaigns effecting our environment.

  1. How to remove plastic from the oceans

  2. How to give importance and heal the Algae

  3. How to prevent sea levels rising

Influence Foundation is unable to ignore:

The importance that the superpower nations are putting on the acquisition and control of water rights, to the ultimate detriment to indigenous lands and to everyone on our planet. Fidel Castro’s quote about wars being over Blue Gold is becoming increasingly clear, and for the sake of dollars to build road and hospital infrastructures, poorer GDP countries in Africa and the Caribbean are ignoring the dangers of giving over water rights. What IF Castro’s prediction comes true after our clock ticks to 2025. 

that water born decease and dirty water kills more than malaria, TB and AIDS combined. 

the fact that our oceans produce 50-80% of the oxygen we breathe dependent on the season and that today fishes are dying from lack of oxygen. Therefore how can we possibly sustain our oceans if 18 billion pounds of plastic is deposited into them each year!

How we are Influencing

  • Getting Plastic out of our Seas - Clean up and also supporting biodegradable packaging innovation.

  • Regenerating 02 into our Seas by stimulating consciousness around the imperativeness of Algae

  • Supporting educators and experience activities for our youth in schools regarding greater understanding and ability to respond to these is


Sustainability education in schools is vital to shift a plastic tide & influence our youth.

Have you ever taken a breath in an Algae Greenhouse Farm?
Let us help you to!

An Algae GreenHouse in Holland we utilize to Influence our nutrition

An Algae GreenHouse in Holland we utilize to Influence our nutrition