There is nothing more expensive than Ignorance & every child deserves a creative education.


Tulum International School - co founded, governors and head teacher - Influence Foundation team members

Following EPHATA LEARNING harvesting Passion and Purpose For a holistic education and academic excellence.

Five years working to establish our Learning Community in Tulum, with more than 100 students that have come thru and 12 languages spoken, we have created a curriculum that fits the needs of diversity of a dynamic place, academic high standard while providing an safe and happy environment for children.


Environmental Awareness

Social Responsibility

Self Knowledge



Spiritual balance


What if opportunity can not be given to those that have lived through wars ? 

What if education is not available to our young ones?

With its thought that there is nothing more expensive than ignorance, Influence Foundation looks to support the fostering of education for our global children and empowerment for all ages?

K-12 Grade Influence

Tulum Mexico 

Nairobi Kenya

Monrovia Liberia 

Malibu, California

And we have also donated to

Muse School, Malibu - The first plant based meal school in the States

Mind Up - Goldie Hawn’s Mind Up Foundation


Women’s Empowerment College, LIBERIA