In collaboration with the Belize government The Real Coconut Co, and Snack Plant (a “Green Impact” alternative flour factory model) Influence Foundation is helping facilitate social enterprise initiatives to allow small farmers to crop and supply coconuts, yucca and plantain, which are then processed at a local facility to supply . The resulting employment opportunities and economic stimulation has been beneficial to the country. 

IF recognizes that throughout the history of our Caribbean, Central and South American, African and Asian countries   plantain, coconut and yucca have grown organically needing little fresh water needs. Therefore Belize has been chosen for the pilot program with the first SNACK PLANT

Belize has Irrevocability History

-Geographical proximity of Belize to the US provides benefits to the supply chain.  It takes 4 days to USA ports as opposed to 6 weeks from Asia. 

  • Business Practices
    -1920’s - USA and UK decided to satisfy a growing demand for concentrated orange and plant citrus trees and have small farmers work the plantations. However now there has been a bight in the citrus tree
    -1958 after the demise of Cuba for USA business, Hershey moved his chocolate cocoa crops to Belize
    -In 2017 the EU (Tesco retailers and others) will import USD$40,000,000 of bananas from the area 


Re:  Stimulation of Belize Alternative Flour Production, Commencing with a Plantain Flour Processing Facility in or around Dangriga, Stann Creek District  
The Purchase of alternative Flour Crops from Farmers under the Quality Control Supervision of Belize Sustainable Development Corporation (BSDC).

Following various meetings and feasibility site tours coinciding with the 2017 Belize National Agricultural Show, this document summarizes an understanding between Ministry of the Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities and the Belize Sustainable Development Corporation, (“BSDC”). 


The business opportunity identified in these meetings is to initiate plantain flour production in the most feasible and desirable area(s) of current banana and plantain farming area of Belize, including the area of Dangriga.  After this additional high standard practices can be applied to other alternative flours to include Coconut flour and Cassava flour 

Why start with Plantain Flour? 

Influence Foundation collective members and the BSDC and also principals of some of the USA ’s leading producers and distributors of alternative flour retail products, include Coconut flour chips and tortillas (see attachment) ) as well as plantain based baked goods. recognize:

the global economy of flours and yet it will be very hard for Belize to provide the quality coconut flour at the price that TRC recipes from Asia providers, due the mass quantity of coconut pulp derived from the large demand for coconut oil around the world.

Currently USA food companies receive coconut flour into their production facility at $1.00 a pound,, and receives cassava starch at $85c a lb. These costs after all agent and freight costs.  However The Real Coconut Co has pioneered plantain flour baking and from September 2018 TRC released additional retail lines of plantain flour baked goods into the USA market place. The company is therefore prepared to help bring forward and “champion” a new sustainable economy for Belize with the effective production of planarian flour which can be priced at a higher price than coconut and cassava which are in such abundant global supply.  

How can all Stakeholders accomplish this Social Enterprise Green Impact Project?

Initial Obligations to be entered into by the Belize Government 

  • BG to provide access to State owned utilities of power and water during the lease period.

  • BG to provide usual economic incentives from BelizeTrade and other business stimulation support for the overall success of the project  

  • BG to provide one nominee to join the Board 

Initial Obligations to be entered into by BSDC

  • BSDC has been provided a 13 acre site in Dangriga for a factory

  • Invest, build and operate an Initial Processing Plant to meet the regulatory standards of exporting high quality flours to the USA and international markets. It is anticipated that the initial Stage 1 production facility to provide adequate yields is budgeted at USD$4,000,000. 

  • Guarantee of purchase of high quality flour.. 

  • Provide all Management personnel, familiar with the needs of the USA market place.