Is the only solution to refreeze water under the Ice-Caps? Not Yet!

SO What IF….

What if we do not arrest climate change. The other day Donald Trump said on the White House lawn that he was proud of the USA as clearest nation in the world and the problems around the deterioration in our environment and oceans lay with China and India.

He is partially right and if you are walking on a Kenya beach today you will clearly see evidence with all the flip flops and bottles that are landing on the shore swept there by the currents from across the Indian Ocean.


However pointing a finger at others in this case has a catastrophic effect. In the past we can point a finger and separate ourselves in color, creed, dogma and even gender as we have . We can can have crisis, then compassion, unite. together and forgive.. We know this to be true as we have seen this post World. Wars and black Mandelas being in prison for 27 years twenty years before a Black Man is in White House.

Yet how expensive is ignorance if we really don’t respond to Climate Change.? Can our. oceans give us the time to forgive us. Every one of us has a response ability and if we do not recognize. this the three fingers pointing back may never. be witnessed in the lives of our children

So what can we radically be doing and yes its radical in its action that we need now as this weekend the Climate conference is clearly saying we are in no way responding to. the directives of the. 2015 Paris Conference. In fact the reverse …we. are. still out of control.

Influence. Foundation is. therefore looking at the feasibility of what was first muted by Universities in February. 2017. How do refreeze water under the Ice Caps and how much. does this cost and how. can we fund it, Now!

Our friends in Miami and Belize and who ever lives and does business in low lying coastal lands do not have the time for fingers to be pointing. in different. directions. Our fish that are dying. in. the Pacific for lack. of oxygen do. not have time.. Our algae that gives. you 50%-80% of. your next. breath does not have time!

You. do not. have time!