How influencing Innovation alters the cost of charity

After Princess Diana passed a group of Influencers came together to change the cost of charity and rid the world of land mines. This was before streaming and drones! so it required blimps and ground penetrating radar systems.

The Founding vision of Sir. Richard Branson’s long time. hot. air ballon executive, Mike Kendrick, was embraced by patrons of Mineseeker were Nelson Mandela, his wife Grace Rachel, Queen Noor, Branson himself, John Paul de Joria and Brad Pitt.. Executive Director was Influence Foundation’s. co founder, Charlie Stuart Gay Going to Mozambique and Africa changed their lives for ever. in ways they did not anticipate.

What made Branson tick with his growth of. the Virgin brand. Why did de Joria choose a black and white bottle brand for his to be global hair care Paul Mitchell empire. What impact did Nelson Mandela have on those that were exposed to last ever non-profit patron role, with his wife who. was named. the Mother of. Mozambique. Graca Machel. had been married to the. former President of Mozambique. before he died. in a helicopter crash and. ten years later she became the only woman to be. married to. two Presidents.and. how. on. earth did Queen Noor become Queen Noor in the hot. bed of Middle Eastern intrigue.

The question for each other was way more important than the answers that others were. giving them. Their lives were deemed a success, and yet what. had. they accomplished when they knew that to remove a. land mine. it cost. every. agency around the world over. $1,000. each and there were an estimated. 70. million of them, many tiny, no bigger than a firework, ready just to take off. an unsuspecting foot from the. ankle! Mozambique. had a lot other after over 30 years of. war. and being. seemed the poorest in the. world at. the turn of. the millennium a. few years. after Diana’s crash and death.

How then could $1,000 be reduced to a couple. of dollars in a few years. Innovation was the answer and technical advancements..

to be continued……